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Here you’ll find beer pong balls for competitions, training and college use. High quality ping pong balls for beer pong pros and drinking enthusiasts alike.

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BEER PONG and Exciting Beer Parties

 BEER PONG – is a game for drinkers in which players throw ping pong balls across a table with the goal of landing the beer pong ball in the opposing team’s cups. If a beer pong ball lands in a cup, the defending team must remove it from the table and drink the beer in the cup. Each team takes turns shooting until one team eliminates all of their opponent’s beer cups and/or they fall down drunk.

WARNING: Remove objects with sharp edges from the courtside.

BEER PONG - A Brief History

 Of all the party games none are as played, enjoyed and loved as BEER PONG. While technically a drinking sport these days, in the early years at Dartmouth College sometime between 1950 and 1960 — Over 10 years custodian’s would find abandoned triangles of cups although the exact date of the drunken pastime remains a mystery. 

Believe it or not beer pong requires a great deal of skill and well a bit of luck, and it can be enjoyed by just about anyone (check your state’s age limit).

How To Make Your BEER PONG Party A Roaring Success?

In our opinion, it’s probably the only game invented that’s better than table tennis. Here discover things you’ll want to learn about the college house party game, including how to play BEER PONG, beer pong ball tricks and how you can flavor the experience to make your ping pong drinking game party a hit.

What Are The Rules Of BEER PONG?

Arrange 6 or 10 (typically 16oz) cups in a pyramid-like formation on each end of a BEER PONG table (usually about minimum 2 feet wide x 8ft long). 

Fill each cup with the desired amount of beer or other mixed alcohol beverage. Traditionally two beers are used to fill all 6 cups and 3 beers for 10 cups, but this amount can vary depending on how much you’d like to party. 

What Ping Pong Balls Are Best Beer Pong Balls?

A beer pong table is nice to have although a ping pong table or other sufficiently large table can work as well. Try some 1 star ping pong balls for added intimidation, LONGSHOT Beer Pong Balls made with new cutting-edge ABS material will send a shiver down the spine of your BEER PONG opponent. 

16oz beer pong cups are the best. Lots of cold beer or other liquid including root beer which works well for a youth-friendly rated (G) party).

Equipment For BEER PONG:

  • Bare minimum requirements are two ping pong balls. 
  • More Beer Pong balls required as you may lose or break some. 
  • Two or Four people, two per team, can play.
  • 14 or 22 party cups (2 extra for water) – playing with 12 cups for a shortened game time.
  • Official Beer Pong table that is 2’ wide x 8’ long or any long table.
  • 2-3 Ice COLD Beers (or other mixed beverages) (Underage?  Try Root Beer)

How To Be A Winner With Beer Pong Balls?

The game is won when one team successfully shoots their beer pong balls in all of their opposition’s cups. A draw can occur when both teams are left with one cup, and both eliminate their opposition’s cup on their final turn. If this occurs, the usual way to decide a winner is to have overtime, where you only have to get your beer pong balls into three cups and the first team to eliminate the opposition is declared the winner, with continuing rounds of overtime being played if necessary.

If a team completely RUN-THE-TABLE on their opponent and eliminates all of their opponents’ cups while not losing any of their own, this is called a shutout. If this occurs, the winning team is allowed to tell the losing team to do a dare and the losing team must perform it. This can often be something embarrassing such as running outside naked or downing a large amount of beer.

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